Toy Boogers Continues to Build!

Major Accomplishments

1. Created, dropped, and sold out Toy Boogers, our handmade genesis collection of 3,333 NFTs, in November 2021

What’s next?

The Toy Stash Collection!!!

Toy Stash is a very diverse collection filled with character. Each one stands out from the others due to a wide range of cute, wacky and gnarly traits. They also make perfectly centered and bold PFPs.
More sneak peeks! We can’t wait to share them all with you!

What We’re Building Behind the Scenes

Metaverse Integrations

The Toy Boogers backstory is about a bunch of NFT degens trying to physically teleport themselves into the metaverse, and the wild transformations that happened to them because Stash stuck a booger on the machine’s focusing crystal. With this type of backstory, it’s only natural that we have some long-term metaverse integration plans involving both character avatar development, and land development. This is a long-term plan with the goal of expanding the artistic expression, the utility, the presence, and value of our project into multiple metaverse ecosystems.

Some of the various NFTs and projects that we’ve collaborated with… we’re everywhere!!!
Love, Doug and the Toy Boogers Team



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